Performer Profile: Rachael and Dominic Davis

This is the fourth in a series of posts on speakers and performances coming to the Grand River Water Festival.  You can read the previous ones here.

Rachael & Dominic, and band

Another husband and wife duo from Earthwork Music, Rachael and Dominic will be performing their self-described “motown-banjo” acoustic music at the Grand River Water Festival, June 25th and 26th.  Dominic is part of another Earthwork Music band–Steppin’ In It–whom Rachael collaborated with for her most recent solo album.

Rachael began perfoming at a very early age–two years old, according to her website.  “When Rachael Davis first opened her mouth to sing she had clear tone, sharp control, an extensive range and a keen understanding about the nature of a tune, which were all unusual for a two-year-old.”  Hear her voice for yourself in this video, from a performance on St. Joseph Island, Ontario.

Dominic also occasionally provides bass for Seth Bernard and May Erlewine, whom you may remember from a previous post, but he’s a talented guitar player as well.  The pair play a nice rendition of “If I Needed You” in the next video.  Rachael and Dominic will be playing at 2:15 on Sunday; check the complete schedule here, and don’t forget to make your campsite reservations here (Note: the cost is actually $50).

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