Recycling: The What, Where, and How

Recycling comes in many different forms. Items that can be recycled vary from butter tubs to batteries to old televisions. At least in West Michigan, interest in recycling is high.  There isn’t  much of a need to answer the question, “why recycle?”

The how, where, and what of recycling is quite a bit harder though.

Where available, the easiest way to recycle is a curbside pick-up program offered by local waste haulers. The process can be as simple as mixing all recyclables into bags provided by the waste hauler and putting in the trash bin at pick-up time. The items allowed usually include things like paper, cardboard, glass and plastic bottles, jars, and clean food containers, and tin cans. Specifics can be found by contacting the recycling provider.

A second option is to bring recyclables to a drop-off station. These are spread out through the counties and provide access to those who don’t have curbside pick-up, have items that aren’t accepted by their curbside pick-up, or have an excessive amount of recyclables. There are also many items that can be recycled only at specific locations, such as appliances, toxic substances, yard waste, and batteries. West Michigan counties have many resources for these items.

Kent County

Kent County offers curbside recycling service through many different waste haulers. Drop-off stations are located in Grand Rapids, Rockford, and Kentwood. Kent also offers an online resource to determine what can be done with over 60 different items.

Ottawa County

Ottawa County offers curbside service through several different waste haulers. These haulers will provide information on acceptable items and pick up times. Contact and information about the waste haulers can be found online. There are also four Resource Recovery Service Centers located in Holland, Grand Haven, Coopersville, and Georgetown, where with an annual membership recyclables can be dropped off.

Other items in Ottawa County:

  • Computers contain many materials that are hazardous as well as materials that are valuable and should be recycled. Goodwill Industries accepts computer equipment for recycling. MacMedia in Holland accepts newer computers to be refurbished.
  • Televisions contain lead and should not be thrown away. Ottawa County, however, does not have any locations that recycle televisions. Follow link to find television recycling resources.
  • Hazardous Waste will be recycled free of charge by Ottawa County Health Department.
  • Used Motor Oil can be recycled for no charge at any Resource Recovery Center
  • Compact Fluorescent light bulbs can be recycled at a local Home Depot or for no charge at any Resource Recovery Center.

Muskegon County

Muskegon ?County offers curbside recycling in the city of Muskegon, the city of Roosevelt Park, and Fruitport Village. There are also several recycling stations throughout the county.

Other items in Muskegon County:

  • Batteries are accepted at the public health department. Rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries, as well as camera, lap-top and electronic batteries are accepted.
  • Compact Fluorescent light bulbs are taken at local Home Depot stores and at the public health department as long as they are unbroken.
  • Tires can be recycled at three locations in Muskegon.

Other Recycling Resources

Park Township Recycling

Allegan County Recycling

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