Results of the Brewery Challenge

WMEAC would like to thank everyone who came out last night for the Brewery Challenge. It was a huge success with a total of 324 pledges made to protect the environment!

This event was a called a challenge, however, and every challenge must have a winner. This year’s winner of the Brewery Challenge with 181 pledges is Brewery Vivant! Harmony Brewing came in close with 143 pledges. WMEAC’s Green Roof will be nicely weeded all summer long thanks to Harmony Brewing’s crew.

We went through the pledges to find the most unique/funny/exciting/inspiring ones. The top 4 are…

-Eat less meat and to finally get an official WMEAC rain barrel

-Plant a garden to attract bees!

(and the more humorous pledges…)

-Punch polluters in the face

-Make my roommate have his girlfriend compost!

Better luck next year, Harmony Brewing!

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