Shipping In The Great Lakes Off To A Green Start

The first load through the St. Lawrence Seaway this season carried parts for wind turbines.

Shipping products is a much more fuel-efficient and economical alternative than trucking. Ships are able to carry much bigger loads keeping many trucks off the Mid-western highways. Or at least this is the image that the officials of the Seaway are trying to push in their attempts to reinvent themselves.

Environmentalists have pointed out that fuel efficiency does not get shipping completely off the hook. The Great Lakes invasive species problems have, in many cases, been caused and exacerbated by ships emptying their ballast into the Great Lakes.

The Seaway has adopted new, stricter rules to avoid the spread of invasive species and reduce Great Lakes pollution in an attempt to become a green alternative to trucking.  The officials were excited to have a freighter carrying wind turbine parts kick off the 53rd shipping season in the Seaway.

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