Snow Buddha Appears at WMEAC

snow buddha 003

The Snow Buddha appeared in front of our office today.

“We need to live as the Buddha taught us to live, in peace and harmony with nature, but this must start with ourselves. If we are going to save this planet we need to seek a new ecological order, to look at the life we lead and then work together for the benefit of all; unless we work together no solution can be found. By moving away from self-centeredness, sharing wealth more, being more responsible for ourselves, and agreeing to live more simply, we can help decrease much of the suffering in the world.” from the Buddhist Statement on Ecology 1996.

The Ecobuddhism website includes a short video of Thrangu Rinpoche and his answer to the question of what the Buddhist sangha should do in response to climate change. Acknowledging that Guru Rinpoche’s prediction of a time when the “snowy mountains wear black hats” was probably a prediction of a time of climate change, he suggested that Buddhists take two steps. First they inform themselves about how things are, so they can understand what steps to take. And second, and at the same time, they make aspiration prayers to the three precious jewels. “Is that going to directly stop global warming?” he asks, rhetorically. “No. But it will gradually help to transform our minds, and then we will make efforts to help the situation. So it is not by any means a pointless thing to do.”

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  1. Barbara Howard
    Barbara Howard says:

    Nice sculpture and I love your highlighting the Buddhist perspective on ecology…but this is a rendition of Hotei, the Chinese god of prosperity, not the Buddha. It is a very common misunderstanding. Still nice, though. Thanks!


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