Speaker Profile: Mark Newman

This is the next post in a series on speakers and performances coming to the Grand River Water Festival.  You can read the previous ones here.

Mark Newman informs a student about the spread of invasive species through ship ballast water. Photo courtesy Sooper Yooper on Facebook.

Mark Newman is an editor and photojournalist who has worked with several Michigan sports teams and corporations, but is probably best known for his book collaboration with artist Mark Heckman.  Sooper Yooper: Environmental Defender is the story of Billy Cooper, an environmental superhero who spends his time defending Michigan’s natural resources from the evil forces of pollution, habitat degradation, and invasive species.

The children’s book hero is endowed with no particular super powers in order to spread the message that anyone can help defend the environment.  The book tour has introduced hundreds of children to the importance of keeping the Great Lakes clean, and of the impact of invasive species on natural ecosystems.

You won’t want to miss Mr. Newman’s talk at 1:00PM Sunday! Make your campsite reservations and see the complete schedule of speaks and bands at www.grwaterfestival.org.

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