Stair Week Coming This Fall, Signage Unveiled


Stair Week is this fall and local businesses are being encouraged to join in the fun by educating their employees and displaying signage designed to inspire people to use the stairs.

The above sign was designed by Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State University.  It is intended to be placed near stairwells and escalators/elevators to encourage individuals to take the stairs instead, a healthier and more energy efficient alternative.

According to a press release on the design of the Stair Week signage “The KCAD poster design was selected by a multidisciplinary, intersectoral partnership consisting of health professionals, educators and designers.” The finished product is expected to generate the desired response by raising people’s awareness of this commonly neglected way to save energy and be healthy.

According to David Rosen, Ph.D., President of Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State University, “The value we perceive in any activity encourages or discourages us from engaging in that activity. Design helps us perceive that value. The design of a poster, in this case, helps us see the importance of something so small as taking the stairs, which saves energy, helps the environment and keeps us fit”.

Taking the stairs has the added benefit improving your mental well-being  According to studies done by The American Institute of Architects, individuals who find themselves in physically active environments benefit both physically and mentally as a result of using the stairs.

The Stair Week press release stated that “Overall, the median improvement in some aspect of physical activity was 35 percent given a perceived safer, inviting environment. In active building design research, men who climbed at least 20 floors per week (four floors per work day) can lower their risk of stroke and death from all causes by 20 percent.”  

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  1. Ameila
    Ameila says:

    Great sign. Simple to the point. Having good interior signage that lets people be aware of things or simple information will tell the whole thing without bogging down traffic with people stopping to have to read .


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