Storm Drain Thief Caught

An orange cone marks a drain with a missing cover

The alleged Grand Rapids storm drain cover thief has been arrested. Early in December, James Leo Bradshaw was charged with stealing approximately two-dozen drain covers from Grand Rapids city streets.

Drain covers prevent large objects from entering and clogging drainpipes used to redirect stormwater runoff. Before being replaced, the stolen drain covers left gaping holes over 6 ft. deep in Grand Rapids city streets. Not only are these holes large enough to damage moving vehicles, but unknowing passersby and children could fall into a drain hole and seriously hurt themselves.

Once reported missing, the drain covers were replaced as quickly as possible, costing the city almost $150 dollars per drain cover. The drain covers were likely stolen in order to be sold for scrap metal for about 10 dollars apiece.

Bradshaw has been charged with larceny and has admitted to involvement in some of the thefts.

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