Sustainable Communities


Climate change.  Natural resource scarcity.  Environmental health issues.  As a region and as a planet, these issues and emerging concerns will change the way we live.  WMEAC and its members are working to build our communities toward a more sustainable future.

The work of environmental protection is placemaking at its finest.  We’re literally working to leave West Michigan a better place for future generations, ensuring proper land use, maintaining access to nature, and creating desirable assets for future transportation, economic development and recreation.   And while we may not always see eye-to-eye with all stakeholders, we know that there is universal agreement on the importance of our region’s natural resources to our quality of life, economic prosperity and physical well being.  We believe, with certainty, that the strength of our community, its regional pride and passion, originates from a collective understanding that our region’s natural resources have made our home one of the greatest places on the planet.

WMEAC's Sustainable Communities programs focus on delivering model programs to West Michigan's cities, townships and villages that are built around the triple top line: ecology, economy and community.

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