Taxpayer Money Favors Polluting Factory Farms

Do you think your tax dollars in Michigan go to support local farms and family farmers? Think again!

Less=More, a new coalition aimed at supporting sustainable farming practices in Michigan, released a report that gives insight into the bias of the Federal Farm Bill Programs.

Under this program, large industrial scale CAFOs (confined animal feeding operation) have gained millions in tax subsidies that are not accessible to operations that are more sustainable and organic. These subsides keep prices for industrial scale food lower than healthier alternatives such as organic and locally grown.  CAFOs notorious polluters. The report exposes how 37 Michigan factory farms cited for environmental violations and unpermitted discharges were awarded over $27 million in Farm Bill Subsidies from 1995 to 2011.   Less=More Coalition is a group of organizations aimed at leveling the unfair playing field that unsustainable factory farms control and making sure that non factory farms also receive their share of government subsidies.

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