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If you are a teacher with Grand Rapids Public Schools, please fill out the form below to schedule your Teach for the Watershed (T4W) programs.

  • Enviroscape Presentation: a 1-hour (or 1 class period) guest presentation with an Enviroscape Watershed Model. This will be done by a WMEAC staff member in your classroom or other available space at your school.
  • Enviroscape Model Rental: if you are interested in independently exploring the model you can select this option to rent an Enviroscape for up to 3 days per class. If you choose this option you will not receive a guest presentation.
  • Stream Study Field Trip: A 2-hour field trip to study the quality of a local stream in your watershed. For more information about the activities please visit our main T4W page.

If you would like to bring T4W to your school district please do not fill out this form and contact Kyle Hart at khart@wmeac.org for more information. 

How to Use this Form:

1. Please fill in your name, school, and email address.
2. Select “Add Class” to schedule your classroom’s programs.
3. In the dialog box, complete the contact information for the teacher of the classroom you would like to sign up.

4. Click next on the dialog box.

5. Select whether you would prefer a WMEAC staff member to visit your classroom to lead a presentation with the Enviroscape OR if you would like to rent a model to use independently.
6. After picking either option, select the day for your program from the schedule calendar. Select the START TIME for your presentation OR the time you would like the model dropped off to your school (if renting).

7. Click next on the dialog box.

8. Select the START TIME for your field trip. Each stream study is 2 hours long. While the location for each study varies by school the transportation time will be no more than 20 minutes from your school.
9. Please let us know if your students will need any special accommodations during your field trip.
10. Complete the CAPTCHA and select Add Class on the dialog box.
11. Review your reservation details and select Add Class if you would like to schedule another classroom. Repeat steps 3 – 9.

12. Once you have made reservations for all of the classrooms at your school please click submit and check your email for a confirmation.

Contact Information

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Check out our Stream Study Map!

Not sure what watershed your school is in? Check out the map below for the subwatersheds of the Lower Grand River and locations for our T4W s stream studies. A WMEAC educator will reach out to coordinate your field work location after you make your program reservation.