Environmental Internships - Jaime Vaughan

Thank you, Spring ’15 Interns!

This spring, WMEAC was pleased to accept seventeen students and recent graduates for a variety of internship positions. In total, interns logged over 2,700 hours in a wide range of work, including Teach for the Watershed, Women and the Environment, IDEAL, and Policy – most internship work was done through volunteered time.


-Students who interned alongside the Teach for Watershed crew supported the program in GRPS, Ottawa, and other school districts in the greater-GR area. Their work focused on teaching 5th grade students about watershed and low-impact development practices.

-Women and Environment interns organized a successful event at the end of February, which honored three women of their environmental accomplishments, hosted TEDx speaker Nikki Silvestri, and yielded approximately 175 attendees.

-Students assisting with IDEAL (Inclusion and Diversity Scholar) supported the first stage of WMEAC’s Partners of a Racism Free Community assessment, supported the writing of grants, and organized and supported a successful event to share WMEAC’s findings from our inclusion and diversity initiative.

-Policy interns attended multiple lobby days and spoke with a number of legislators in Lansing, organized an energy efficiency and energy tour of West Michigan businesses for state officials.


WMEAC would like to thank the Spring ‘15 interns for their dedication to environmental advocacy. Whether they participated in community outreach and education, or behind-the-scenes work (such as research and event development), their willingness and motivation to respond to emerging issues and new threats to West Michigan’s natural and human ecologies is greatly admired and acknowledged. Their time at WMEAC has left them with new skills, a portfolio of work, and our utmost appreciation. We wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors.

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