The EPA Enviromapper

By Alice Rossignol, Great Lakes Echo

The EPA Enviromapper reveals various facilities the EPA monitors.

You may find out more than you want to about environmental activities in your area in the Environmental Protection Agency Enviromapper.

This EPA map shows almost anything you want (or may not want) to know: from hazardous waste sites to the locations chemicals in use like ammonia.

First search for an area by zip code, city, state,  water body, county — you name it.

Once the chosen area is on the map, click on various elements on the left-hand side like: Air, water, waste, chemicals and industry.

Check out facilities that report to the EPA  things like toxic chemicals and radiation. The most recent reports of those facilities will show up below the map.

For example, I tallied more than 30 facilities that the EPA regulates for radiation or radioactivity in Great Lakes states.

You can also locate brownfields, hazardous waste sites and where different chemicals are used.

Once you find what you’re looking for, click on the map icon for more information.

Click the printer icon to print the probably disturbing environmental map you’ve created.

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