The Windowfarms Project: for people who love garden-fresh veggies year-round

Nothing says “summer” to me like the taste of fresh basil pesto, especially when I’ve picked the basil myself, standing barefoot in my family’s garden and gently dusting the soil from each leaf. I have a batch of pesto in my freezer right now, but I’m saving it for the inevitable February snowstorm, when I’ve forgotten what summer tastes like.

Wouldn’t it be great to eat from your garden year-round? I came across this video this morning, via a Twitter link, and it turns out there is a group of conscientious young urban-dwellers who feel the same way.

A Windowfarm. You know I'll be growing some of that basil in mine! Image via user metfoo.

The Windowfarms Project was formed to encourage “windowfarmers” to produce some of their own food year-round, and to create an online community where members can share successes, troubleshoot problems and bring new ideas to fruition.

Windowfarms are vertical, hanging hydroponic gardens that are built from recycled materials. The website has instructions for designing and building a garden, as well as advice on everything from starting seeds to nutrition tips. The video gives an idea of what windowfarming looks like and how the community at is bringing their simple, sustainable ideas to the masses.

So what do you think, ready to start Windowfarming?

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