Urban Roots Family Ties to WMEAC

FrankFitzpatrickFrank Fitzpatrick, brother of WMEAC member Mark Fitzpatrick, is the founder and director of EarthTones, the non-profit music production company responsible for the soundtrack in Urban Roots. The Detroit native became involved with the film after returning to the city to care for his father. He saw the results of the post-industrial collapse, which confirmed an existing desire to ameliorate them.

When the film’s producer contacted him about the documentary, Fitzpatrick was in.

“I had been wanting to do something to bring a spotlight to something positive in my home town for a long time, so Urban Roots seemed like the perfect project at a very auspicious time,” he said.

See Urban Roots as part of the WMEAC Film Series tonight, Tuesday, February 5.  Fitzpatrick hopes the film will inspire awareness not only of the issues in Detroit, but also the need for sustainable practices in cities all over the world.

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