Vermicomposting Comes to the WMEAC Office

On Tuesday, Feb 7, vermicomposting, or composting with worms, came to the WMEAC office.

Angela Topp from Grand Rapid’s Tree Huggers arrived at the WMEAC office with a cardboard take-out box filled with 1,000 red wiggler worms provided from a local source. The worms will be decomposing a variety of office materials, turning shredded paper, tea bags, coffee grounds and food waste into nutrient-rich soil. “Your new employees plan on working 24/7, without taking sick days or time off for holidays,” comments Topp with a smile.

Topp showed the staff how to set up the worm bin and explained maintenance processes. Rachel Hood, WMEAC’s Executive Director, kicked off the vermicomposting by adding banana and orange peels to one of the trays.

As she wrapped up her presentation, Topp reiterated the simplicity of maintaining a healthy and effective worm bin. “Don’t over think it,” says Topp.  “At the end of the day, it’s just worms eating your trash.”

Tree Huggers offers a variety of vermicomposting materials, as well as a variety of environmentally friendly products. Click to view their online selection.

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  1. Karen
    Karen says:

    My vermicompost bin is two $5 storage bins with holes drilled…no need to invest much money beyond the cost of worms. But mail-order worms can be expensive. Might WMEAC eventually give away or sell (cheap) red wigglers once the office population has multiplied sufficiently?

    Glad WMEAC is doing this – kitchen vermicomposting is simple, clean, and fun – and it produces unbelievably great potting soil!

  2. lukemalski
    lukemalski says:

    I’m glad the worms are working out for you. Let me know when its time to start using the castings to brew up compost teas for your office plants! I’m happy to help. Good luck!


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