Volunteer Profile: Jill Armstrong

Jill ArmstrongJill Armstrong is director of the Grand Rapids office of a5 group, a national brand consultancy and marketing communications firm with offices in Grand Rapids, Chicago, St. Louis and Tampa. She leads business development, marketing consulting and client relations for Michigan-based clients. a5’s work revolves around sustainability communication and events, community branding, indoor and outdoor environment, healthcare, consumer products, manufacturing, higher education, non-profits and more.

Throughout her career Jill has worked for corporations in various marketing and sales positions. She is also a member of the West Michigan Sustainable Business Forum and the West Michigan Chapter-US Green Building Council.

Jill says that she has always had a personal interest in being outdoors and in being environmentally responsible. Her business and personal interests aligned over ten years ago when she was invited to co-produce a sustainability conference for a large Grand Rapids manufacturer. a5 group now produces community sustainability events throughout the Great Lakes region. In 2010, Jill joined WMEAC’s Board of Directors to take a more active role participating in local environmental issues like energy and water.

“I’m proud to be associated with WMEAC because they are a leader in educating and advocating for responsible environmental action in West Michigan. I learn what I can do personally and how I can influence other residents and communities like the Lakeshore and Muskegon areas,” says Armstrong. “I’m especially interested in the water issues WMEAC advocates for because the Great Lakes account for 20% of the world’s fresh water supply.  WMEAC provides ways for me to be represented or get more involved.”

Jill also is impressed with the internship program and staffing at WMEAC which, she feels, are core to the growing reputation and impact of the organization because they build future environmental leadership capacity. The Advancement Campaign is a project on Jill’s agenda, along with reaching out for more membership, specifically in surrounding communities, like the Lakeshore and Muskegon area.

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