Toxic chemicals injected into wells during fracking

Walnut Shells and Toxins:  What’s being used in fracking operations?  

Ian Urbina of the The New York Times writes about the latest report on fracking.

The inquiry over fracking…  found that 14 of the nation’s most active hydraulic fracturing companies used 866 million gallons of hydraulic fracturing products — not including water. More than 650 of these products contained chemicals that are known or possible human carcinogens, regulated under the Safe Drinking Water Act, or are listed as hazardous air pollutants, the report said.

A request for comment from the American Petroleum Institute about the report received no reply.

While the exact mixture being pumped into our water supply is not quite clear, certain ingredients are becoming known. Some are surprising, like instant coffee. Others are troubling, like the carcinogen benzene. Those looking for answers about fracking solutions should be lauded, and we can only hope continued questioning leads to increased transparency and better regulations both nationally and in Michigan.

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