Teach for the Watershed


Teach for the Watershed (T4W) is an interactive watershed education program based on the new Michigan Science Curriculum standards. T4W provides tools to teachers and students that empower them to learn about, and take action to improve and protect, their watersheds and our Great Lakes. T4W is building the Next Generation of Great Lakes Advocates.

Teach for the Watershed (T4W): WMEAC is currently working on design and delivery of a new program to deliver Watershed Education to West Michigan. Teach for the Watershed (T4W) is designed with two audiences in mind: Teachers & Students. The four-part program is built around Michigan Science Curriculum Standards and will feature age-appropriate, hands-on educational tools that help students to excel in the sciences and protect their Great Lakes.

T4W's Four Components: 1. Water Usage and Runoff 2. Macroinvertebrates and Water Quality 3. Adopt-A-Stream 4. Invasive Species and Rain Gardens.

For Teachers: WMEAC's staff can teach you how to deliver interactive watershed education in your classroom. Let us help you deliver a program for your upper-elementary or middle school classroom. WMEAC is working with West Michigan's educational partners to deliver teacher in-services about this exciting program. Contact WMEAC to learn more about how you can deliver this important program to your students.

For Students: Corporate sponsors help to support WMEAC's work to deliver watershed education directly to students. Through T4W, students have opportunities to study stream health and insects in the watershed, groundwater systems, rain gardens and low impact development, and invasive species. Contact WMEAC to learn more about getting your school involved . Education will be delivered to a broad spectrum of West Michigan teachers annually, spreading watershed-based education to thousands of students.

Corporate Sponsors are Needed! Get involved in this mutually beneficial opportunity to support WMEAC's work to deliver watershed education directly to the classrooms in West Michigan. Your business will be recognized for this contribution to our community. Businesses and individuals interested in sponsoring a classroom may contact Kristi Klomp at for more information.

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