Wealthy Theatre Makes Major Step in Green Renovation

As a major step of the Wealthy Theatre’s Centennial Sustainability Campaign the old incandescent lights in the theatre aisles have been replaced with energy efficient LED lights.

The sustainability campaign is an effort to renovate the Wealthy Theatre, located at 1130 Wealthy Street in Grand Rapids, in ways that are sustainable and allow the theatre to be profitable into the future. The campaign will serve as an example to other historic buildings in danger of being shut down.

The 100-year-old theatre was closed for more than 25 years before reopening in 1998. The renovation and re-opening of the building has served a crucial role in the revitalization of the community.

Many historic buildings like the Wealthy Theatre are not energy efficient because of their large open spaces and the out-of-date building methods used to construct them. As a part of a 30-point program, the building will replace windows and doors where most of the heat and air conditioning is lost. Among many other initiatives, the theatre will move to paperless tickets, get rid of plastic water bottles, and add solar panels on the roof.

One of the big steps was to replace the aisle lights with LED lights that will last twice as long and use half the energy of incandescent bulbs. Since the aisle lights are on continuously for long periods of times, this will add up to a lots of savings. Irwin Seating, a Grand Rapids based company, installed the new lights. In order to preserve the vintage feel of the theatre, amber colored LED’s were installed to avoid the harsh white light of some LED’s.

To find out how you can support the theatre visit their website.

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