WinterWise! Get Your House Energy-Ready for Winter

The Michigan Public Service Commission has provided a webpage with great information on ways to manage your winter energy bills.

You can find tips for saving energy, links to a wide range of consumer resources and much more. We all need to “Be WinterWise” as natural gas, propane, and heating oil prices have increased across the country.

Energy efficiency is both good for the environment and by far the cheapest and cleanest new energy resource available to Michiganders.  Like all energy resources, energy efficiency requires an investment to secure.  The Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) estimates Michigan’s ‘energy optimization’ programs to cost about $33 per megawatt hour.  A new super-critical coal plant would cost around $133 per MWH.  Currently, Michigan imports the vast majority of its fuels for electricity and transportation – including 100% of its coal and uranium, and 97% of our petroleum.  With every unit of fossil fuel imported, Michiganders export their cash – precious capital needed in-state now more than ever.  Investing in energy efficiency in our neighborhoods and business means jobs are created locally and cash is kept in-state.

Additionally, high and often volatile energy costs can consume too large a portion of some families’ income with residents sometimes facing shutoff during difficult weather conditions – energy efficiency improvements can help mitigate this problem.

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