Week in Review – Water, Wolves, Wind

Continuing River Setbacks: A stretch of the Kalamazoo River that was affected by the Enbridge Oil Spill will remain closed for the summer. The EPA’s ban on wading, fishing, and swimming in the river will be in place until more information on the clean up can be obtained.

Tree Assessment: The city of Grand Rapids has made an assessment of the city trees and found that they are worth $71 million because of all the benefits they provide to the city, such as increasing property values and decreasing water run-off. In the next year the focus will be on planting more native species. Every tree planted in the city is a big investment, according to the committee who made the assessments. The committee chair, Dottie Clune says, “We know that for every dollar we spent on the municipal urban forestry program we received $3.60 in benefits. That’s a pretty good return on investment.”

Wolf Speculation: The Michigan DNRE will begin a month-long survey to determine the wolf population in the Lower Peninsula. Some sightings in recent years have led some to believe that wolves from the Upper Peninsula have made their way across the frozen straights.  The DNRE is asking anyone to report and signs or sightings.

Erie Wind: The outgoing governor of Ohio, Ted Strickland, signed a contract that could make the first fresh water wind farm a possibility. The wind farm would be located 6 miles North of the city of Lakewood and would be expected to create up to 20 megawatts of power.

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