West Michigan’s 2011 Guide to Fresh and Local Food

By Nicholas Occhipinti

The Greater Grand Rapids Food Systems Council has released its 2011 West Michigan Guide to Fresh Local Food (PDF).  The guide provides excellent information on local farmers’ markets, community supported agriculture, healthy and fresh sources of meat, dairy, eggs and vegetables, local restaurants and food services, grocery, retail, and more.

It is your go-to source for fresh and local food in West Michigan.  The guide also includes an excellent top 10 list with reasons to buy local.

A preview:

1. Locally-grown, freshly-picked food tastes better.
2. Local produce tends to have more nutritional value.
3. Buying local spurs economic growth.
4. Local food preserves bio-diversity.

Check out the guide for the complete list with explanations, and for much more on eating healthy, fresh, and environmentally friendly in West Michigan!

(You can pick up a hard copy at WMEAC, 1007 Lake Drive SE, Grand Rapids).

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