WMEAC Member Writes Climate Change Sci-Fi Novel


Imagine a world where the worst effects of global warming have taken hold: Land is no longer the same due to its ravaging effects, coastal cities have succumbed to the sea. Humankind, in an act of atonement, or desperation, for the harm they caused the planet have conducted experiments to craft a new race that could thrive in this apocalyptic world. As a result of these experiments a species evolved, the Aquarians, a human-dolphin hybrid that inhabit the sunken cities of the world.

This is the post-apocalyptic vision of local author Brian Burt, a long-time WMEAC member and recipient of the  L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Contest.  Burt’s novel Aquarius Rising: In the Tears of God, chronicles the trials and tribulations of the Aquarians through the eyes of Ocypode the Atavism.

Aquarius Rising is a cautionary tail that peers into the potential effects of humanity’s oversights and negligence.

“When I decided to try my hand at a novel, I knew I wanted to focus on environmental themes,” said Burt. “I’d been reading quite a bit about climate change, and the more I read about the state of the science, the scarier things became.  … Environmental causes inspire passion in me because I believe living in balance with nature is essential for a fulfilling life, and there are so many danger signs that we’re consuming our natural resources in a way that is simply not sustainable”

The world that Burt has created is eerily fathomable as he delves into a range of subjects that examine how climate change could impact the future of the human race and the world. What Burt has written is an interesting blend of fact and fiction, with commentary on genetic-engineering and climate issues.

Burt says he wrote this piece with the intention of getting people thinking about our planet before its too late. “I sincerely hope my novel raises awareness of the potentially dire consequences of global warming. When I first began research for the novel, I thought of it as a cautionary tale: we still (I naively believed) had time to get our act together and turn things around in time to avert disaster. Now, after reading Bill McKibben’s Eaarth and watching his Do the Math documentary, I’m not so sure.”

Aquarius Rising: In the Tears of God, is Burt’s first science fiction novel and is the first book in the Aquarius Rising trilogy. The novel was released and published by Double Dragon Publishing this April. Burt’s novel is available for purchase from Double Dragon Publishing’s website in both hard copy and ebook format.

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