You May be Eligible for a New Septic System!

Are you a Kent County Homeowner, that is looking to make home improvements—to one or more of the following: structural repairs, electrical, heating, accessibility modifications, plumbing, energy conservation or septic systems—you may be eligible for a 0% interest loan through the Housing Rehabilitation Program…that’s literally free money.

WMEAC is especially excited that the program is offering assistance with improving septic systems in Kent County homes. Failing septic systems release waste into the groundwater. That water can contain pathogens and microorganisms such as E coli, Giardia, Cryptosporidium and Hepatitis A. Failing septic systems are not only an eyesore and a hazard to your neighborhoods, they also lead to an increasing number of health concerns in West Michigan.

How do I know if I am eligible?

You must…

  • Own and occupy your home.
  • Live within Kent County—but NOT in Grand Rapids or Wyoming.
  • Meet the maximum allowable income.
  • Have your property taxes paid through last year.
  • Be willing to sign a lien equal to the amount of the assistance that is being provided.
  • Allow professional contractors and Kent County Staff to inspect your home and make the improvements.


I’m eligible, what do I need to do now?

Interested homeowners can submit a pre-application online or they can contact the Kent County Community Development Department at (616) 632-7400 to complete a pre-application by phone. This form will determine potential eligibility.

After you have been pre-approved for the Housing Rehabilitation Program, an initial home visit may be conducted to assess the home’s needed repairs. Upon approval of the application, Kent County staff will completely inspect the home to determine the scope of work and to develop homeowner approved work specifications. A property visit will then be scheduled for contractors to prepare written bids.

For more information on the Kent County Housing Rehabilitation Program visit

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