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West Michigan needs all of us. It means personal commitment to your home, your block, your city and your region. It means working with your community to solve environmental problems in our region. It takes action. Learn what action you can take to protect West Michigan.


We are all part of West Michigan’s environment, so we must work together to protect and positively influence our natural surroundings.

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Learn how you and your family can reduce your impact on climate change and live more resiliently.

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Join us for an event to learn, network and become a part of making West Michigan more resilient!

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Join the hundreds of WMEAC Action Network subscribers to learn about ways that you can protect West Michigan. By signing up, you’ll receive messages from our team about quick actions that you can on issues including water and lakeshore protection, climate change and climate resiliency, energy policy, and more! Our collective action will mean a better West Michigan for all of us!