WMEAC has been working along the lakeshore since our inception, and we are working hard to partner with the community to continue protecting our globally unique resources along the lakeshore. This work is more important than ever as we work to combat climate change. We look forward to connecting with more neighbors, organizations, and leaders along the lakeshore – from Muskegon to Saugatuck. 

Lakeshore Eco-Action Blog

Welcome to Lakeshore Eco-Action, a new communication vehicle for WMEAC’s expanded focus in the Muskegon area and along the lakeshore.

The focus of this blog will be on action, so it’s aptly named.  It’s for folks who want to get active to protect the superb natural resources that provide such a unique and wonderful special quality of life for us all along the lakeshore.  We will be encouraging and supporting opportunities for individuals, organizations, businesses, and government to take the lead on a clean and safe environment, and especially climate action and clean energy to help make our lives even better!


We don't have any upcoming lakeshore events, but check out our full event calendar for upcoming events.

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Join the hundreds of WMEAC Action Network subscribers to learn about ways that you can protect West Michigan. By signing up, you’ll receive messages from our team about quick actions that you can on issues including water and lakeshore protection, climate change and climate resiliency, energy policy, and more! Our collective action will mean a better West Michigan for all of us! 


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