Become a Sustaining Donor

Becoming a sustaining donor is a powerful way to ensure our communities are protected for the long haul.

Your donations give WMEAC the resources needed to fulfill our mission to protect environmental resources in West Michigan. Alone we can make minor change; with your help we can make an impact. Together let’s inspire action throughout our community.


This $5 may seem like a small amount but it adds up to $60/year which will provide waders for a Teach for the Watershed Student.


This $10 will provide the components for a rain barrel which will divert 300 gallons of stormwater away from our sewer system.


This $15/month can send our Policy team to Lansing over 30 times, which will help West Michigan have a voice in statewide energy policy!


This $20/month would be huge for our IDEAL program, offering the ability to create new lasting partnerships in communities of color across the region.

Any amount you choose is impactful for our organization, and these sustaining gifts give our constituents a voice in how we protect the environment in West Michigan!

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