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WMEAC knows that it will take all of us to protect our planet and our communities, most importantly our children. We have put together a full list of all of our educational programs and our educational materials for you to download at your convenience. We are able to do this work because of your tax-deductible donations, so please support this work by donating today.

T4W provides teachers with watershed educational training and students with tools to help them learn about and take action in protecting West Michigan’s watersheds.

Want to discover your watershed? Determine the health of a local stream? Locate sources of pollution? WMEAC can provide you with the tools you need to determine the quality of your watershed.

Are you looking for ways to encourage a sense of wonder in your children? Do you ever wish that you could slow down long enough to appreciate the natural world around you? Learn about patterns of connectedness  as well as how you can enhance yours, your students, or your family’s  connection to nature.

Sustainable schools and living starts here! Check out WMEAC’s downloadable resources for your classroom, household, or community to reduce your impact on our environment.

Did you know that polluted stormwater is one of the biggest threats to the Great Lakes? Keeping our rivers and lakes free of pollution starts at the source. WMEAC supports clean water and you can too by learning how to stop stormwater from our roads, parking lots, and neighborhoods from polluting our waterways

At the intersection of all of our programs lies the concept of environmental justice. It takes the whole part of a community to establish a clean environment for all to use.

Understanding renewable energy systems is vital to combat the climate crisis. We are here to support your students inside and outside of the classroom with resources such as lesson plans and models for hands-on learning.

Climate change is here. The future generations of students are inheriting a world gripped by rising temperatures, extreme natural events, and rising sea levels. Climate change can feel complex and overwhelming, even for adults, however we can prepare your classroom to understand the basic causes, effects, and solutions.

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