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Braving the waves of Lake Michigan and two vital watersheds, WMEAC is a stalwart advocate for protecting West Michigan’s freshwater resources. Since pioneering historic policy reform in 1968 – banning DDT, passing The Inland Lakes & Streams Act, securing The Great Lakes Oil Drilling Ban – their commitment to safeguarding our waters has never waned. Presently they are focusing on optimizing stormwater management practices while forging connectivity between recreation hubs across waterways via planned trails, initiatives that reflect their unwavering devotion towards preserving precious H2O sources from harm!

Take Action

Taking action with WMEAC can be incredibly rewarding and meaningful. It is an opportunity to give back, learn something new, connect with your community, and positively impact the environment.

Issues and Opportunities

Keeping up to date with current issues and opportunities is vitally important. Staying on top of updates can spark ideas for potential partnerships or collaborations to advance WMEAC’s shared goals and allow our community to participate in projects that make a positive difference.

Policy and Reports

Staying up to date on policies and reports is essential to WMEAC. Knowing the current protocol surrounding legal issues and the financial landscape helps to ensure that WMEAC is following all necessary regulations and has sufficient resources to achieve the goals of its mission.