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Are you interested in learning about the hidden world of our streams and freshwater insects? Well what are you “wading” for? Join WMEAC’s Stream Keepers today!

We host a network of volunteers who record information on streamside habitats, physical characteristics and the aquatic macroinvertebrate populations living in our local waterways. Aquatic “macros” play a very important role in our freshwater ecosystems and include organisms such as insects, clams, snails, worms, and crayfish!

As a Stream Keeper, you will gain experience in and out of the field on how to use equipment for collecting and identifying macros. WMEAC will provide you with waders, nets, procedures, and other tools necessary for this outdoor data collection day.

This event is free, available to all volunteers regardless of age and level of prior levels of biology experience!

We will be collecting macroinvertebrates at Ken-O-Sha Park for 1.5 hours and then we will regroup to sample at the Grand Rapids Bike Park at 12:30pm.


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