wmeac Staff

Marshall Kilgore

Director of Engagement

Marshall Kilgore is a human rights advocate who has dedicated his life to uplifting underserved and marginalized communities in Michigan. Marshall received a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Western Michigan University. He was the recipient of the Tim Hurttgam Memorial Prize in 2021 from Western Michigan University for his work advocating for a sustainable environment, peace and harmony throughout the world, equal rights, and a living wage.

Marshall has been actively engaged in political outreach, serving as a Deputy Field Organizer for Governor Gretchen Whitmer in 2018, and most recently as Kyra Harris Bolden’s Community Relations Director in her race for the Michigan Supreme Court in 2022.

He has helped lead non-profit organizations centered on LGBTQ+ rights and eliminating homelessness. Marshall is also an organizer for Michigan’s Annual Rally to Stop Domestic Violence.

Marshall’s favorite ways to enjoy nature are by swimming, taking walks, and hammocking. He enjoys cooking for his partner, Rosie, and for his family. Marshall has a cat he loves named Piper Mae.