Host a Rain Barrel Workshop

Communities and individuals can take action to manage stormwater and improve water quality in streams and lakes.

WMEAC wants to help West Michigan communities, and residents take this step by providing low-cost rain barrels and workshops on how to set up those rain barrels.

Rain barrels have been proven an effective and easy strategy for reducing stormwater run-off and protecting surface waters. Through its rain barrel education programs, WMEAC provides reduced-cost rain barrels to the West Michigan community to address water conservation and pollution issues in West Michigan. Harvested rainwater can also save residents money on irrigation needs of gardens and lawns.

How it Works

All workshops include an up-cycled 55-gallon barrel and the necessary components to get your barrel working. You will need to purchase a “base” for your barrel separately (refer to rain barrel instructions), and it is highly recommended that your home or outbuilding has gutters and downspouts. The workshop takes about 45 minutes, with guidance on assembly, installation, and maintenance.

To note—you must attend a workshop to get a rain barrel through our program. We look forward to seeing you out there!

If your organization is interested in hosting a workshop, please review the online agreement and fill out the form to select an available date.

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