Mayors’ Grand River Cleanup Committee

Celebrating community effort

WMEAC is proud to host the Annual Mayors’ Grand River Cleanup. Why do we clean the river? The Grand River is a vital part of the West Michigan community. It only takes 15-30 minutes for trash on our streets and around storm drains to find its way to the Grand River. Pollution in rivers negatively impacts plants, wildlife, drinking water quality, scenic beauty, and recreational value. The waste that is removed at the Annual Mayors’ Grand River Cleanup is a small act that has a grand impact on our community, and our volunteers are the reason this difference is made possible.

Time Commitment: 
The committee meets from late spring – early fall, when the event is held.

MGRC Committee Responsibilities:

  • Forming partnerships with sponsors.
  • Logistics – Brainstorming the ins and outs of the Cleanup as a team.
  • Site planning – Finding cleanup sites that need our volunteers the most.
  • Fundraising for volunteer transportation, morning refreshments, lunch, entertainment, etc.
  • Attending the Cleanup to show support and lend a helping hand.

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