Women, Community & the Environment Committee

Celebrating ECO-FEMINISM

The first Women, Community & the Environment Symposium took place in 2010 in partnership with Grand Valley State University’s Women’s Resource Center. The intent of the event is to integrate and elevate women and environmental topics and the intersections between the two. Historically, the event has held workshops, panel discussions, a keynote speaker, and presented awards. The event is held at a GVSU campus in late winter/early spring. The organization of the event committee is segmented into subcommittees including logistics, honoree, inclusion, speakers, sponsors/budget, and marketing.

Time Commitment: 
The Women, Community and Environment Series occurs in November of each year. Committee work goes on year-round with a monthly commitment from May – November.

Monthly Time Commitment: 
The full committee meets monthly at the WMEAC office from September through March. Committee members are also expected to join a subcommittee to support action items and event needs. Time commitments vary based on subcommittee.

Responsibilities of Volunteers:

  • Create event concepts, themes, and topics.
  • Create and finalize event logistics including agenda, food, location, and time.
  • Promote the event and honoree award opportunity.
  • Facilitate inclusion.
  • Plan and organize supporting community events with the keynote speaker to compliment community engagement.
  • Brainstorm and secure event sponsors alongside WMEAC’s Director of Development.
  • Meet monthly with the full committee during event planning months.

Contact: mrobinson@wmeac.org

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Board nominations for the upcoming year are voted on during the WMEAC Annual Meeting each fall.