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Keeping Renewable Energy out of the Landfill

Written by: Brooke DeBaar There has been a lot of buzz within the past few years about how to move away from the conventional power generated from coal-fired and nuclear power plants. In Michigan, we have seen momentum in energy produced from solar and wind. However, in my opinion, there […]

Meet my Neighbor, the Dune

By Natalie Henley As a child, everything you do and everything you experience is an adventure. Across the street from my house, was a dune. This dune was the place where I loved to go on adventures, play, laugh, and run around. This dune was my friend, this dune was […]

The WMEAC Worms Grow Up and go to Work

By: Andrew Light Last week, WMEAC visited Stepping Stones Montessori School in Grand Rapids, MI to help students build an indoor vermicomposting (worm composting) bin. We provided all of the materials, tools, and knowledge while the students provided all of the hard work and energy! You might have heard recently […]

Hidden Heroine Nominations are Open for the 2018 Women and the Environment Symposium

Written by: Kim Buchholz It’s that time of year. The autumn colors are in full effect, bustling fall days turn into brisk, cozy nights and Hidden Heroine nominations for the 2018 Women and the Environment Symposium (February 19 – March 1) are filling our inboxes! We look forward to this time […]

A Rind is a Terrible Thing to Waste

Written by: Bennett Slavsky It is a common misconception that composting is a dirty process that will create a stench in the neighborhood and lure raccoons and other vermin to your yard. In reality, when practiced correctly, composting is a clean, easy, and odorless process that will not only benefit […]

ArtPrize 9 Recap: Sustainable Art Must-Sees

WMEAC Water Fellow, Natalie Henley, did an inventory of ArtPrize 9 works that confront environmental issues. This is the last weekend of Art Prize 9, and we encourage you to visit these pieces, either in person or online, and learn more about them. These talented artists have brought the environmental world into […]

On lead exposure in Kent County

Written by: Tessa Harvey In the wake of the years-long struggle between the residents of Flint, MI and their city officials, lead poisoning – in service pipes, in soil, and in the form of lead dust– has taken place as common phrase in the mouths of Michigan communities. For members […]